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We are a quick-service restaurant where seasoned chefs curate a unique fried chicken experience for your eclectic taste. Where years of collective culinary wisdom blends in with passionate cooking. Because we believe having food is an experience, not an act. For Chickos, food is emotion…

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@Chickos; FOOD IS AN EMOTION. Happy reviews from our customers encourages our team to discover new tastes!!!

Had the chicken pepperoni pizza , it’s pretty decent and well worth the price . Staff are really well behaved and friendly. Bright interiors , overall a positive vibe to the place
Boasted fried chicken is tasty and satisfied KFC is wrost but chickos is economy friendly.
Hello, Please give our thanks to the Manager and others for the wonderful serving. We had an amazing time here. The restaurant was so comfortable, the food at here are absolutely spectacular.
Excellent service more than reliable price and got good offer