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About Us.

We use the best ingredients in town, collected from reputable and trusted suppliers. We use the best ingredients in town,
collected from reputable and trusted suppliers.

Our Journey

Serving the best fried and grilled recipes from 2009

Dedicated team of people who consistently place the highest priority on product. Active business operations in India & UK

Well trained staffs, Ease ofoperations our frist step togo global market.With the current growth and momentum of the Brand, Chickos Fried Chicken is actively seeking new franchisees.

 With growing demand for mouth-watering tastes and flavours, we see a bright future @ Chickos!

What we aim since 2009

Expand globally so we can provide our entire neighbourhoods with our authentic taste by a professional operational system, trained staff & passion for what we do every day.

We source our unique fried chicken recipe from South Africa, a land known for its varied food, diverse cultures and purity. Our snacks and dishes are freshly cooked. Our products are manually breaded with our special blend of herbs and spices.
We pressure-cook them to seal in the flavour that puts Chickos Fried Chicken in the first place. We want you to have the best. Because it’s food — an emotion, at Chickos.

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Our Mission

“To become a global chain of restaurants powered by taste and all the sweet collateral benefits it brings in.”

Our Vision

“To offer a delightful customer experience.”

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

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